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IQ GenexNatural Brain Power Enhancement

Just like body builders use muscle enhancers to maximize performance, brain boosting supplements are great for those looking to maximize mental performance! Whether you’re in search for a studying aid, a natural energizer, concentration support or a way to boost memory, IQ Genex is the answer you’re looking for. This all natural brain booster is made from clinically tested ingredients to ensure safety and results. IQ pills are composed of a quick release formula that does not overwork your heart. The main ingredient, green coffee powder, was proven to increase focus, concentration, energy and memory for up to 6-10 hours. The best part is that when the ingredients ware off, it won’t leave you feeling drained or drowsy. Ready to order? Start by applying for a free trial bottle!

IQ Genex falls under the supplement class of nootropics. Nootropics are a class of herbal supplements in which all the ingredients support healthy brain function. The brain is composed of a massive network of neurons. Every bit of information you process, whether it be from sound, sight, touch, smell or taste, gets passed along by neurotransmitters. Often times your brain is unable to remember most information processed. With our supplement, you are able to obtain more information and store more memories. Whether you’re studying for a test or trying to focus on your job, IQ Pills will give you the focus you need to maximize your cognitive performance. Sign up for your free trial today.

How IQ Genex Brain Booster Works

As a clinically proven nootropic, IQ Genex works by enhancing brain function to help make the process of learning, concentration and memory retention easier for your brain to process. So, how does this unique supplement work? Well, the active ingredient, whole green coffee powder, contains organic caffeine. The formula works by delivering doses of caffeine to your system slowly, throughout the day. This is unique to other brain supplements because it allows the brain to replenish dopamine levels so that you won’t crash. The other ingredients are natural chemicals that improve the relationship of  receptors and neurotransmitters in the brain and enhance cognitive function by increasing focus, memory and concentration. Maximize your performance and unlock your brain power. Claim your trial before offers end.

Benefits Of Using IQ Genex:

  • Enhances Concentration & Focus
  • Boosts Energy & Serotonin
  • Increases Memory Receptors
  • Maximizes Cognitive Performance
  • Made From Natural Ingredients

IQ Genex Active Ingredients

We take the care and health of your brain seriously. For that reason, all our products are safe to use and work with the natural chemicals in your brain. Our products have been clinically tested to guarantee results. There are no negative side effects such as accelerated heart rate or crash. Below is a list of the active ingredients we use in our smart pill formula:

Green Coffee PowderReleases natural caffeine to the brain to increase energy, focus, clarity and memory

Choline – Improves memory, cognition and learning retention

Noopept– Increases concentration, helps protect from dementia & improves neuron interaction

Phenylpiracetam – Protects brain cell deterioration. Increases brain function & reduces anxiety

IQ Genex Free Trial Information

Ready to enhance your cognitive performance? With IQ Genex Brain Booster, you’ll feel your best with every use. Until supplies last, we are giving away free trial bottles. We care about customer satisfaction and want to make sure you feel confident when making a purchase with us. If you are unsatisfied, feel free to cancel before the trial. To claim your free bottle, click on any “rush my trial” button. From there you can fill out your shipping information. Read the terms and conditions link at the bottom of the IQ Genex order page for additional information on trial period, costs and returns.

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